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4-26 12-14

At 23rd Brewery for Kyu Il. Kyu Il took a job at Samsung Advanced Institute ofTechnology. Kevin, Dani, and Phillip graduated and will join graduate schools (Kevin & Dani) and medical school (Phillip). Wish you allthe best for your new adventures.

New members: Yifei and Zhaowen (postdoc), Jong Cheol (graduate student), Nathan, George, and Eder (undergrad). The group dinner was at Oriental Bistro and later at 23rd Brewery.

Biophysical Society Meeting (2/25 - 2/29)
Group BBQ @ Bloomington Park (9/25)

OK. We were there. Xiongwu took the picture for us this year. Since we did not have a designated photographer this time, we missed the poster pictures for Kyu Il, Huisun, and Kevin.

We had a fun time there. Right?

Dani and Emilia's LPS poster. We need longer simulations!

Amazingly, we carried the canoe to the park. And, we remember Emilia.....

Sunhwan's Glycan poster.

Xi's NMR refinment poster and her debut in the BPS meeting. Her first paper was accepted in the Biophysical Journal as a Letter a few hours before her poster presentation.

Soohyung's WEUSMD poster and his debut in the BPS meeting.

Emilia's MARCH poster and her debut in the BPS meeting.

Andrew and Phillip's some (?) gA poster. First time to the BPS meeting for Andrew.

A peaceful time only for us. Soohyung's brother (front left) joined us and made a considerable (?) contribution for the dinner.

Lots of Korean biophysicists!

A small gathering with Benoit. He might be too busy with his daughter to come. 

Well, I will miss you guys. 

Brother's reunion in the meeting [one from Kansas and the other from Korea]. 

Hooding Cememony (5/12)

for Srayanta and Ambrish...