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05-27 12-08
Soohyung and Huisun joined the lab as postdocs. We planed to go out for group BBQ, but the weather did not really help us. Instead, we went to "Free State". Thanks to Kevin and Phillip's recommendation, I was awarded J. Michael Young Undergrad Advisor Award. I think, the lab is quite stablized. Emilia (postodc) and Andrew (graduate) joined the lab. Jittasak is rotating with us. Taehoon left and moved to Michigan for postodctoral studies with Charlie [Good luck, Taehoon!]. Thenmalar joined IIT Hyderabad as an assistant professor [enjoy your LIFETIME research!].

Biophysical Society Meeting (3/5 - 3/9)
Taehoon's Defense (10/28)

The first day at Baltimore. Rich took this picture.

A nice suit!

We work hard even in the meeting.

Are you nervous, Taehoon?

Sunhwan with Alex's people.

Huan, why are you so happy? I know, you are the next.

The CHARMM-GUI poster!

Having a hard time to open it...

Kyu Il's GCMC/BD poster.

Powerful Eric!

John's (many) lipid poster.

We missed Sunhwan here, but...

Kevin's cardiolipin poster with Kevin's usual thumbs-up.

Everyone in a Karaoke, and the best singer was....

Phillip & Taehoon's gA poster.

John Kim

Taehoon's SSNMR-ED poster. Is Roger again?

Taehoon got a very expensive gift! There is a behind story for the final product below.

Huan's VDAC poster.

A big gathering with Benoit.

Group BBQ @ Bloomington Park (8/19)

Korean Biophysicist Meeting. Phillip took this picture.

We ate a lot!

I guess, we had a fun too!

Professional Cooks from Korea: Yongbin Kim, Joonseong Lee, and Seonghoon Kim. They came from Kwangwoon University and stayed with us this August.

We had a great time!