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06-05 12-14
Dani and Phillip (both freeshman) joined as undergraduate research assistants. Dani was not able to join the group gathering. I am curious to see what these undergrads will do. We went to "Golden Corral" in Kansas City for dinner and came back to Lawrence for Encore Karaoke. We finished the whole bottle of a  strong, good Chenese liquor (?)  that Huan brought from China. It was FUN!  Kyuil joined the lab as a postdoc, and Paige as an undergraduate research assistant. Michael did a rotation with us. The front art work is called "Faces". Due to conflicts and undergrad finals, we had a "quiet" lunch together in Jade Mongolian Barbeque. But, we do expect to have a lot of funs in coming Biophysical Society meeting in San Francisco next Feb.