GUI tool for MD analysis.

ST-analyzer is a standalone GUI toolset to perform various analyses of molecular dynamics simulation trajectories and provides a variety of analysis modules. Try It Now!Don’t worry it’s for free ST-analyzer and required packages can be download from here .

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Simple, neat, and useful.

GUI of ST-analyzer is designed upon three principles: simple, neat, and useful.

The intuitive interface allows users to directly use ST-analyzer without taking any lessons prior to their first attempts.

Just clik it! ST-analzyer will process complete analysis of your simulation trajectories.

Trajectory files are generally too large to upload to a remote server. However, don't worry transferring big data files anymore! Install ST-analyzer to the machine where trajectory files are located instead of transferring large trajectory files.

ST-analyzer has been developed in cross-platform so that you can install and use it on your local machines with your favorite operating systems.


Cross-platform design, Supporting cluster and interactive server, Intuitive GUI, Intranet-based group/personalware, Validated analysis modules, and easy way to add your pesonal modules.



You can install ST-analyzer under any operating system that can run Phython and conventional web-browsers (e.g. Safari, IExplorer, Chrome, Firefox ect.).

Supporting cluster and interactive server

ST-analzyer supports both cluster machines and interactive server. Customized PBS allows clusters to process multiple jobs at once.

Intuitive GUI

ST-analzyer uses web-based GUI and allows users to prepare analysis and maintain results with simple mouse clicks!

Intranet-based group/personalware

ST-analyzer can be used as either personal or groupware upon users choice. Analysis results and applied parameters are stored in SQLite DB and maintained as independent to individual user accounts.

Validated modules

Analysis modules in ST-analzyer are maintained by the committee of ST-analzyer version control. Modules distributed with official version of ST-analzyer is screend and tested with experties in targeted area.

Adding personal modules

ST-analyzer allows users to add their own modules. Each module is independent to others, so please feel free to add your own modules to make ST-analyzer as your personalized MD analysis toolkit.