G-LoSA Update History

  • 2016/03/28: G-LoSA homepage was updated so that G-LoSA Toolkit was publicly available.
  • 2016/03/21: G-LoSA update history and advanced options were separated from the main page.
  • 2016/02/01: A new option for using protein surface residues was added to G-LoSA.
  • 2015/08/19: G-LoSA homepage was updated with providing the source code of the new G-LoSA.
  • 2015/08/01: A brand-new version of G-LoSA was developed. For the details of the new features, please refer to the introduction of this web page and the latest paper.
  • 2013/04/01: The prototype of G-LoSA was developed and its homepage was open. The source code of the old version is available here.